GenElek’s Robotic Exoskeleton Allows Paralyzed, Old Aged People to Walk 

In India, to provide affordable exoskeletons, GenElek Technologies produce externally worn able robotic support system that stimulates capabilities of human limbs. People suffering from disabilities due to paralysis, stroke, spinal cord disorder or injuries would be benefited through this technology.

Rajesh Singh, a 28 old Indian athlete unfortunately had an accident when he was returning from a sports tournament.  To him, running was like oxygen but after the accident he had to stay a long time to hospital and this trauma make him thought that he won’t be able even to walk anymore. This made him more distressed.

But this invention of innovative exoskeletons raises a hope to people like him who have mobility disabilities. This wearable mobility-aiding kit was designed by a Delhi-based startup to help the people with physical disabilities.

This exoskeleton certainly won’t be able to cure the physical handicap or reverse the ageing but will significantly help to physical movement. This is just an external support that enhance the limbic capacity.

John Kujur, CEO of the firm said that, these exoskeletons are an external robotic support to the people who are mobility disable due to paralysis, spinal cord injury or stroke, would enhance their limbic capacity. Partially-abled people would walk again and that would make them self-reliable and mentally strong. That also could make them employable. This kit would also assist old people with mobility problem.

For the rehabilitation of physically handicap people this technology can be an ideal choice. According to Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology graduates, approximately 60-80% rehabilitation can be reduced by GenElek’s innovation.

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