French Startup – Welcome to the Jungle Has Raised $22.3 million to make the recruitment easy

Welcome to the Jungle, a French startup has raised a funding of $22.3 million. This French startup is both a tech startup and a media firm that wants to authorize the tech related companies when it comes for the matter of recruitment. Basically, it doesn’t identify the right candidate, but it can aid you to tack the facilitate and application onboarding and to get exposure.

Gaia Capital Partners is now leading the round with XAnge, Jean Paul Guisset and Bpifance, the existing investors. The company, with the funding round of today, wants to extend the business to more countries and look forward to developing more new products. Interestingly this is the first investment of Gaia Capital partner and the company raised an amount of $110 million fund with 40 limited partners like Generali Investments, Sycomore Asset Management and Bpifrance. The growth fund is being headed by both Elina Berrebi and Alice Albizzati, and this is going to concentrate on those companies which have a helpful societal and environmental impact at the Series B stage.

Now, this fascinating Welcome to the Jungle company is available in Czech Republic, Spain and absolutely in France, and nest, it will open up the offices in the UK as well as in Germany. The firm works with the photographers along with a video crew to create quality profiles of the other companies which are recruiting actively. In this way, the potential candidates can easily browse the profiles and can learn more about the companies to set their mind.

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Shahina Khatun

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