Flywheel to Stop Online Classes and Offer Trade-in for Peloton Bikes after Settling Lawsuit

After settling a conspicuous infringement lawsuit that was filed against it by the Peloton, the fitness startup named Flywheel will stop offering the At Home online classes on 27th March. The present customers of Flywheel At Home were emailed a trade-in offer for the Peloton bikes. Peloton said that the replacement of the bikes is refurbished. However, that will function similarly to the newer ones. The trade-in form needs to be totally finished by 27th March

In the email to the customers, Flywheel said that the brick and mortar fitness centers would resume operating. The Flywheel At Home subscribers will prevent being immediately billed, though the subscriptions via Apple need to be turned off individually. At the same time, the prepaid subscriptions will also be refunded to the customers for the dates after 27th March or when they trigger their Peloton replacement bikes. The live classes of Flywheel will continue through 29th February, and on-demand classes will again become available until 27th March.

After filing the lawsuits against the Flywheel for their patent infringement in 2018 and 2019, the Peloton, earlier this month, declared that it had reached a settlement in which Flywheel confessed that the Fly Anywhere bike, as well as services, infringed on Peloton patents. In fact, Peloton filed the lawsuit against Flywheel in September 2018 first and accused Michael Milken, an investor of Flywheel, of attending a private investor conference to poach the business and technology of Peloton. After 16 months, Peloton finally had settled the lawsuit filed against the competitor Flywheel Sports.

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