FDA Has Updated Regulation to Ensure More Safety

To make the Corona testing process more accessible and more comfortable, the US Food and Drug Administration has brought some new changes in their guideline for the COVID-19 testing procedure. The updated guideline will help to alleviate the effect of testing on the PPC (Personal Protective Equipment) like masks, protective gowns, gloves that were utilized by healthcare workers.

The update will make it safer for the medical personnel who work at the frontline as it allows people to use their own swab (in case of the shallow swab) in case of corona testing purposes. The process required a professional to operate the swap to collect a sample from the nasal cavity in the formal regulation. However, the update doesn’t change the FDA guidance on collecting at-home samples. So, it is still forbidden to collect sample ate home using kits distributed by startups.

That means everyone must go to authorized clinics or testing sites, and he will still have to comply with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s surveying requirements first. As all people will still be tested in such authorized facilities, these facilities are by law required to send all these test reports to CDC. This is also included in the last guidance up-gradation. But, they were sending only positive reports until now.

Health care professionals and specialists have praised the new version of the guideline. They also have stated that it will reduce the drain of PPE too. While the COVID-19 is still spreading and people are becoming more concerned day by day, such an arrangement will obviously ensure a little extra safety.


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