FDA Grants Collecting Plasma to Make A Remedy of COVID-19

Once more, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has updated its regulation as an attempt to find a cure for the life-taking COVID-19. FDA has now allowed experimental treatments where professionals can use “convalescent plasma,” just when the patient’s life is threatened seriously. This regulation won’t approve the violation of the formal procedure and allow the process as a certified treatment. It is just an emergency clearance to apply on a single basis. The procedure also states that it experiments only in extreme cases where other means of treatment are of no use. In another procedure, it allows collecting plasma from an already recovered patient. The donors of plasma must be tested first, and they must be qualified as a non-contagion blood donor.

The FDA has approved this authorization under its eINDS exemption, lighting on the extent and situation of the public health threat represented by COVID-19. The treatment with the plasma of a recovered individual is already showing positive results.

It is not totally a new idea to attempt convalescent plasma to cure a disease. People who are recovered from the viral disease have naturally produced a plethora of antibodies. So, theoretically, it is possible to transfuse this antibody into an infected patient to support his immune system.

New York state health agencies are beginning this plasma trial this week as it seems like a promise in the fight against COVID-19.

Before certified for mass use, the process must be gone through a lot of experiments and trials. With many researchers working on it and considering this plasma treatment is not a novel idea, people are hoping to get an effective remedy.

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