Facebook’s New App to Keep in Touch with Close Friends via Apple Watch

Facebook’s internal group R&D has launched a totally new app today. The App allows people to keep up with their close friends via their Apple Watch. The App is named KIT that is short for keep in touch. The App also works using various QR codes and Facebook’s Messenger service.

According to the App Store description, anybody can get started with KIT by scanning a QR code on his/her watch. They can also start by entering a code at Then all he/she have to do is to select Messenger contact to connect with Kit.

The App enables people to send various messages even with just one tap. These varieties of messages include emoji, recordings, scribbles and even location sharing, dictation input. It’s more like the iMessage of Apple watch though the Kit will send messages over Facebosok’s Messenger.

The new App also has a feature that allows people to receive and respond to various notifications. It can also read people’s contact messages to them. The App Store description says that the App is designed in a way that it allows users to connect and stay in touch with their friends and families without even pick up their phone.


Facebook’s NPE team, which is responsible for testing new app concepts, has put out different social apps such as meme creator Whale, Bump, Aux, Hobby and an app for couples named Tuned. But they all are shut down by Facebook as they failed to gather a satisfying audience. Let’s see what happens to the future of Kit.


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