Facebook Should Ban Campaign Ads. End the Lies.

If we had a better democracy, then permitting falsehood in the political advertising would probably work, but unfortunately, we don’t have that model democracy. It is not the candidates who are dishonest, but also, we, the voters aren’t educated so. Furthermore, the media also isn’t objective. Now, hyperlinks turn the lies into donation and the donations turn into louder lies. What we are facing now is the self-reinforcing disinformation dystopia.

That’s why if the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat don’t want to become the mediator of the truth in the campaign ads, then they must stop selling those ads. If these ads can not be distributed properly and safely, then there is no need to distribute them at all.

The problem arose when Facebook rearranged the policy and allowed the politicians to lie in ads as well as refused to send the politician’s claims to the 3rd party fact checker. VP of policy of the Facebook named Nick Clegg wrote that they didn’t believe that was an appropriate role for them to mediate the political debates as well as scrutiny.

On the other hand, the Donald Trump campaign was a running ad containing several false claims that the Democrats were trying to repeal the 2nd amendment as well as the weeks-long scams. These scams were about “midnight deadline” for contest to achieve the 1M MAGA hat.

Trump’s campaign started running the ads after the announcement and smeared a potential opponent named Joe Biden. Surprisingly, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube refused to eradicate the ads even when asked by Joe Biden. In response to the Facebook’s policy, Elizabeth Warren claimed that the Facebook CEO Zuckerberg was supporting Trump as it was allowing Trump’s campaign lies. She continued and said that you could be in a disinformation for profit business, or you should hold yourself to a particular standard. Facebook is not blocking Trump’s ads which mean, the CEO is supporting Donald Trump for re-election.

In response to Joe Biden’s request to block the ads of Trumps, Facebook wrote that their approach was grounded in the fundamental belief and respect for democratic process. Banning campaign ads will leave the space for the political expression. The tech giants can offer a freedom of speech and whoever wants to listen, can listen it, but they shouldn’t jam the misinformation.

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Shahina Khatun

Shahina is a Web Developer, Content Writer, SEO Expert and Social Media Marketer.
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