Facebook Has Finally Restricted Anti-Government Posts in Vietnam

Facebook has acknowledged blocking the access to specific anti-government content to the users in Vietnam after following several months of having the services choked there.

Reuters is a citing source within the company, which has reported that Vietnam requested that Facebook should restrict different content that seemed illegal; for example, the posts that criticize the government badly. When the social media platform resisted, the country utilized the control over the local internet service providers to slow down Facebook traffic to unusable levels.

At that time, the explanation was like – owing to the maintenance of submerged cables, but the explanation didn’t convince a lot of people, because only the Facebook and the related social media had the problem.

In the past, Facebook revealed that it preferred to keep the discourse open for all. But it seems that things aren’t so equal and that’s why a lot of users aren’t able to access the service, and consequently, it has to be said that there is no way of advertising.

The slowdown lasted for 7 weeks. It started in the middle of February and ended in early April when the social media accepted the demands of the government.

A source from Reuters said that once they had committed to restraining more content, the servers had been turned back to inline by telecommunication operators.

Facebook is now no stranger to the government requests both to hand over and restrict data. Although the company observes those requests, and frequently challenges them, after all, those are the stated policies of Facebook to abide by the local laws.

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