Everyone Loves the Coronapocalypse

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV is a global public health emergency. In addition, it is also a source of misinformation, the theory of a wild conspiracy, as well as excessive and under-reactions.

As The Atlantic frantically remarked, that Harvard epidemiologist who misrepresented himself and tweeted “HOLY MOTHER OF GOD” with subsequent mathematical errors was completely wrong. However, it pales in comparison to the biological weapons theorists at Zero Hedge, and let’s remember to blame the people who posted / linked to the widely disproved unreviewed “signs of HIV insertions in the coronavirus” paper online.

Since non-peer-reviewed preprints are often accepted by the general public as peer-reviewed science, people cite this article. Why are preprints so important? Partly because horrible, predatory science publishers overcharge their fees for accessing research papers, often even when they are funded by public.

What you observe on social networks is determined by algorithms that are optimized for interaction, which often means outrage. This viral tweet of the HOLY MOTHER of GOD would be more minor if Twitter still adhered to strict chronological events. Please note that this will also make “good” tweets much less popular. It would be the price we pay for abandoning the interaction algorithms, but at least it seems likely that this will generally lead to a superior world.

People did not respond either. It has been seen so many self-distinguished masterminds who have notified others that it is foolish to worry so much about coronavirus when the flu is substantially more perilous. A convenient Myths and Facts infographic wandering around Facebook, “telling” all of us that “ordinary flu kills 60 times more people every year than Corona.”

It’s appreciable that everyone is interested in the project and has ideas about it, just as the coronavirus is a global public health emergency, and people should pay close attention to it.

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