Equity shot dives deep into Uber S-1

TechCrunch, an American online publisher which focuses mainly on the tech companies, has its own venture capital podcast which is known by the name ‘Equity.’ Through their podcast, Equity all the team members put together their efforts to unpack the numbers behind the various headlines.

Another new equity shot has been released which centres on a major breaking news event. For this equity shot the co-host of Equity with Techcrunch, Alex and Kate Clark, a reporter in Techcrunch made efforts to dig into the matter of Uber S-1. The Uber S-1 is not any small document; instead, it is a huge and complex one, and both Alex and Kate Clark put their best efforts to summarize the document for the audiences.

The first thing that Alex and Kate Clark discussed in the recent Equity shot was about Uber’s revenue growth by taking into reference it’s half a decade of records regarding the growth in its revenues. As mentioned in the filing, in the year 2018 Uber had reported having earned almost $11.2 billion, while the net income of Uber in the same year was $997 million. Furthermore, the adjusted EBITDA losses incurred by Uber in the year 2018 were $1.85 million.

As compared to others Uber- S1 required a bit more of unpacking on the equity shot. The S-1 provides insights not just into the financials of the company but to other aspects of the company as well. And hence in the recent equity shot, Alex and Kate Clark devoted more of their time in highlighting the key stakeholders. In simpler terms, it can be said that by looking into the revenue growth of Uber it would not be an understatement to say that the people are going to get quite wealthy off Uber’s IPO.

It is expected that IPO would sell $10 billion in stock both primary and secondary and would set the value of the company at $100 million or even more.

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