Elon Musk Has Dropped an EDM Track on SoundCloud

Typically Friday comes up with the releases of newer music. But this Friday is a little bit different as its new drops include a new track from an unlikely source – Elon Musk. The CEO of both SpaceX and Tesla, earlier in this week said that he had written a newer song named “Don’t doubt yer vibe”, which will soon release on the “Emo G Records” but generally that was hard to tell if Elon Musk was serious or only having his evening fun.

Later, it has been turned out that he was serious, and we don’t have to wait for too long to hear that. Perhaps, the lyrics didn’t take so long to write. The entire song consists of the lyrics – “Don’t doubt your vibe / because it’s true…….” Musk has said that he had performed the lyrics that were modified as well as distorted to airy electronic and supernatural sounding.

The track is backed by ambient and pulsing kind of EDM arrangement, and all in all, that was not a bad representation. On Twitter, Elon Musk tweeted his photos in the studio as he actually was recording the track. Later, he also shared the process of putting the song together as it was harder than he thought. In the middle of the music making tweets, he took time to educate some of the followers as well on – Why some of more dire predictions are floating around about Coronavirus are being blown way out of proportion. Still it isn’t clear whether it is going to be a full album or not.

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