Eargo’s Latest Hearing Aid Has Improved the Bandwidth and Noise Cancelation

The Bay area based medical device startup named Eargo has announced their 4th gen product at the CES. The Neo HiFi has built on previous learnings from this 6-year-old company. The improvement is mostly about the quality which also includes the increment in the quality of bandwidth as well as improvement to reduce the wind noise and also the cancellation of the feedback. Eargo also says that all should combine to offer the experience of natural listening with more full-bodied sound. There are some other newer features to line’s Flexi Palm design – those entertaining tiny little spikes at the end designed to keep the hearing aid and system even better by positioning in the ear. This app has been updated for some easier adjustment to various listening ambient. Right now, this is available for the iOS, with an Android version at the end of the month.

This newer device is now available to buy through the site of the Eargo. It is not so cheap, at the proce of $2,650, but the company also offers the monthly financing for this product. Probably the product will take place in March 2020, and the price at that time will rise up to $2,950, which is pretty higher than the current situation.

In 2017, Eargo had released their first product, and now they have received some more notable funding in the way of their business. During the March 2019, they got an amount of $52 million Series D which brought the final funding amount of $135.6 million.

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