DJI Patents an Off-road Rover with a Stabilized Camera on Top

Da-Jiang Innovations or DJI is mostly known for their drones which are mainly used in photography or videography. DJI is a prevalent leader in civilian drone market and produce 70 percent of world’s drone-market. DJI has recently patent a ground base vehicle camera platform where the camera can move in any indication. Like Freefly TERO, this RC care has a camera with gimbal.

On December 10, 2019, DJI patented this model on Chinese patent system. This RC car looks like a serious platform with four wheels with chunky tires and able to move 360 degrees. To reduce the movement of the camera, the camera section and the wheel sections are separated with arm. The camera is placed on a platform with dampers where the movement shocks are absorbed with the arms. The camera height also can be adjusted to suit the speed.

Why they designed a ground-base model when they have air base design? A big cause is the battery life. A drone can be airborne a very little time with the camera and lenses. But a ground-base model can be operated for a longer time. Moreover, a drone cannot be operated in a narrow way.

This model is just a patent and DJI has many scopes to develop and extend the design. This company can make robotics platform for those applications where drones are not so effective.

Actually, DJI has made a ground-based model of robotic platform named RoboMaster S1. Whether this ground-based platform ever comes into light or not, it let one to think about the possibility of vehicle camera platform to do some security work around home as well as office.

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