Deep Data Running Wearable NURVV Closes $9M Series A Led by Hiro Capital

NURVV is a biomechanics startup which was first launched at the CES in 2020. It has closed an amount of $9M in Series A round – led by Hiro Capital, the sports/Esports as well as co-investment from Ian Livingstone CBE, along with Cherry Freeman. Ian Livingstone is the co-founder of Games Workshop, and Cherry Freeman is the co-founder of LoveCrafts.

It becomes apparent that if one can easily understand the way to protect a smartphone from being smashed and can also work out how high a basketball player can jump.

Tech21 is one of the leading smartphone case manufacturers, founded by Jason Roberts. He, along with his wife Ulrica, and co-founders, now have controlled that information to start a newer wearable tech product, which, when will be inserted in the sole of shoes, can calculate the strike of the foot on ground, even the leap of the wearer.

The wearable can use 32 sensors installed inside the lightweight insoles to get data from the fleet at 1000 times per second, per sensor. Besides, the money will be utilized to bring the debut product of NURVV, NURVV Run to the global market as well as the fund further R&D.

It can also determine the running metrics like cadence, footstrike, step length, pronation and balance, feeding the data in the NURVV Run coaching app to exhibit a picture of the running technique of the wearer, thereby aiding in improving their pace and techniques. Runners are able to collect a gigantic amount of data while running, but the data is always after the run.

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