Curiosity Team of NASA Is Now Handling Mars Rover from Their Home

It is sturdy enough in this first place, having to launch an astronomically costly rover around such a planet that is millions of miles away from the earth. Taking this step from home is like a big question – but the team of NASA has decided to give a try.

Today, the space agency posted about how their team has prepared to the exceptional condition of managing an important mission that will involve thousands of people without any of those people meet physically.

The team leader, Alicia Allbaugh, said that they were generally all in a single room and sharing screens, data and images. Currently, they are not only in different rooms but also have different schedules as well as setups. Alicia also said that perhaps she monitored around 15 chat channels, and one could juggle more than he normally would have.

There are video calls as well and sometimes many at a time. Processes that were accomplished previously on high-performance workstations currently are being done on laptops and web services. However, the added complication makes the design process less efficient, and the results are rolling in still.

In the middle of the March, the Jet Propulsion Lab offices in the Pasadena of Calif had been entirely vacant of all the staffs and work was suspended as well. But the curiosity was still bargaining. That drove up to a stone, drilled a sample and sent back the confirmation to the team, which was just like if they had been working as a normal.

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