Cruise Unveils Origin, an Electric Driverless Vehicle Designed for Sharing

On Tuesday evening cruise presented a “production-ready” driverless car named Origin, a product of many years of collaboration with parent company GM and investor Honda, designed for ride-sharing service.

The shuttle vehicle, marked with the Cruise brand, colored in orange and black, is actually designed without steering wheel or pedals but with high speed. The interior is spacious with seats facing each other, similar that you may find on some trains. Seats are designed to meet the needs of a person with personal USB ports, said Kyle Vogt, CTO and co-founder during the presentation. Supposedly to provide travelers with travel information digital displays are integrated above. Vogt added that the doors did not open outward. Instead, he said “They slide, so bikers be safer.” The vehicle is equipped with what Vogt called the “owl,” a hybrid sensor that seems to integrate the camera and radar.

Splashy looks away, Origin aims to demonstrate Cruise’s strength as well as deploy an autonomous sharing service on a scale. What, when, and how will this happen remain important unanswered questions.

Dan Ammann, the CEO emphasized that a car is not a concept, but a production car, which the company intends to use for the travel sharing service.

However, do not expect Origin to appear on public roads anytime soon. A driverless vehicle does not comply with U.S. federal regulations known as FMVSS, which define design, construction, performance, and longevity requirements for automobiles.

For now, Origin will be used indoors, such as GM facilities in Michigan or even on a Honda campus outside the US, Ammann said in an interview after the presentation.

Ammann additionally underscored the minimal cost of the vehicle, which, as indicated by him, is intended for mileage of 1 million miles.

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