CEO Jennifer Tejada took Pagerduty public

The New York stock exchange today saw the debut of Pagerduty. The shares of the nine years old response software company based in San Francisco are trading at nearly $39. This amounts to almost more than 60% of their IPO range that is set to $24 per share. This amount was earlier adjusted to a range of $23 from $21 that gives the company a total valuation of almost $3 billion.

The increase in popularity and stakes of Pagerduty is a matter of excitement for its CEO Jennifer Tejada. Jennifer Tejada was brought to lead Pager duty as a proven operator in the year 2016. With the passage of time, she became a part of the growing club of women CEOs who have achieved an immense level of success to increase the popularity of their tech companies and make it accessible to the public.

Even after making her tech company public, Jennifer Tejada has stated that their central vision still remains the same that is to provide real-time operations platform to all the companies. This platform was very much required to enable the companies to meet the growing demands of their customers while undergoing a digital transformation.

Jennifer Tejada has further stated that she believes in keeping Pagerduty as a single class structure rather than making it a dual class structure. She expressed her obligations to the CFO of the company Howard Wilson who has supported Jennifer Tejada to undertake the road show of the company for the very first time.

While sharing her experiences of the road show of the company, she also shared the memory of one of the most meaningful days of her life when she pledged to donate one percent of Pagerduty equity for various sociological concerns that are plaguing the society.

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