Centaurs, Centurions, Centipedes: The $100 Million ARR Club

Welcome back to Equity, where we have unpacked all the numbers behind headlines at the venture capital focused podcast of the TechCrunch. This week, the Kate was in the SF, Alex was in the Providence, besides there was also a mountain of the news to shovel properly. If you are here as we mentioned linking to a specific story in show notes, which is here. For everyone else, let’s get to the agenda.

TechCrunch kicked off at 3 newer venture finds:

  • Tusk Ventures: The new fund of the Tusk worth $70 million and is an effective doubling of its size of the previous fund which is an amount of $36 million. This politically savvy firm has also put money into the Coinbase and other firms that deal with the regulated industries.
  • Sapphire Ventures: The former corporate venture fund of the SAP named Sapphire Ventures announced about a whopping of an amount of $1.4 billion fund this week. Sapphire now may be one of the most successful CVC spinouts to date.
  • Moxxie: Ktie Jacobs Stanton is known for the co-founding #Angels which closed her debut fund on the $25 million. Some of the previous experience of the Kate is to plan for the Moxxie Ventures so there was a lot to unpack there.

Finally, the Alex wanted to bring up his series on the startups which reach the threshold of $100 million ARR. A first piece looking to the idea has led to some more submissions. Besides, there seem to be sufficient firms to name the grouping with anything nice.

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