Can a $30 Pair of Wireless Earbuds Actually Be Any Good?

2019 was the year when the wireless earbuds had gone mainstream. Surely, the category has become much longer, and Apple truly broke the entire thing to open at 3 years ago with the announcement of the 1st AirPods. However, according to a new study, the sales had exploded in the year of 2019, and the category had faced an increment of 183% YOY in the shipments of last quarter. The space is continuing to drive by the Apple that is now controlling the 43% of the entire market (the percentage can increase with the appearance of AirPod Pros), but the nearby future seems to be defined by the race to bottom. With the Apple, Sony, Samsung and Google struggling it out for a higher end of market, some other players also are determined to cut the competition on the price.

At the proce of $30, the JLab’s Go Air True Wireless Earbuds have been positioned right around the Xiaomi’s category which defines the AirDots. Furthermore, the Chinese corporations controls a little fraction of the market which is 7%. Besides, it seems well-positioned to repeat the success in their fitness band market share with this offering.

So, what does it leave the JLab? Well, in that case, there is actually an abundant market. Since, more phone makers are now abandoning the headphone jacks on the mid-range headsets and there is bound to become a rush on lower price wireless earbuds. Price is now their major and defining characteristics which is honestly fine.

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