California Senator Proposes Tighter Regulations on Direct-to-Consumer Genetics Testing Companies

A state senator of California is introducing legislation which is designed to provide direct oversight over direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies. This time, it can be more efficient.

This new regulation, introduced by Democratic Senator Thomas Umberg of Santa Ana, builds on attempts in the California Privacy Act to control the ways of data collection from genetic testing, and it can be used by the companies as well. Umberg is a retired United States Army Colonel, former federal prosecutor, and a small business owner who resides in Orange County.

In a statement, Senator Umberg said that the Pentagon had wanted all of the military personnel of the country to avoid the home DNA tests, and that should raise bright red flags for every consumer. Direct-to-Consumer genetic testing companies had, to date, gone in a massive number unregulated by either national or state governments. That had led to the reveal of private biological information of the consumers to the third parties.

The CCPA regulates these genetic testing companies by allowing the consumers to request the information on – how their data is being used and opt-out of any kind of unauthorized application of their data or the sale of that data to the third parties.

However, according to a statement from Umberg’s office, the present authorization forms are quite confusing, and consumers don’t have a clearance often into what they have consented to allow the genetic testing companies to do with the data.

Maryland and New York have long had stringent laws regulating how the genetic tests can be marketed to the consumers on books.


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