ByteDance & TikTok Have Secretly Built a Deepfakes Maker

TikTok parent company named ByteDance has grouped with one of the most questionable apps to let anyone insert his face into the videos starring someone else. TechCrunch has also learned that the ByteDance has extended and developed an unreleased feature by utilizing the Deepfakes technology which the code of the app refers to as the Face Swap. Code in both the TikTok and the Chinese app named Douyin has asked the users to take multi-angle biometric scan of the face, and after that choosing from a selection of the videos that they want to add their face as well as to share.

The Chinese Deepfakes app named Zao utilizes the artificial intelligence to mix up a person’s face to another person’s body as they move as well as to synchronize their expressions. Despite the privacy and the security concerns, in September, Zao went viral about the way the users facial scans could be corrupted.

The Deepfakes feature if started in TikTok and Douyin, could make a controlled ambient where the technology of face swapping as well as a limited selection of the source videos can also be utilized for some fun rather than spreading misinformation. Besides, it might also increase the awareness of that technology, so that some more people are quite aware that they should not trust everything that they see online. Furthermore, that is to heighten the fears about ByteDance and Zao could even do with the sensitive biometric data which is similar to what is utilized to set up the iPhones and FaceID. Previously, Zao was blocked by the WeChat of China because of presenting “security risks”.

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