Build Something Meaningful – A Call from Marc Andreessen

Living with such a killer virus that has fully upended our lives, and nobody knows how long the situation will stay like this. Now, it is very easy to feel helpless.

Marc Andreessen, in a thoughtful new essay released today in the site of his venture firm – Andreessen Horowitz, has said that the people needed to claim more of their political leaders, of their CEOs, their entrepreneurs, and their investors. They needed to claim more of their culture, of their society. And they also needed to claim more from one another, and they were all necessary, and they could all donate to build.

Andreessen wrote that much of the technology already had been built. He highlighted the education, housing, transportation, and manufacturing after observing many of the software that was needed to accelerate each into bright new future that already exists. They needed to want those things, but the problem was inertia. They needed to want those things more than they wanted to prevent those things. The problem was regulatory capture. They also needed to want newer companies to make those things, even if the incumbents didn’t like that, even if only to exert force to the incumbents to make those things.

Of course, he is right, but people would love something more prescriptive from Andreessen as he has retreated from the public view in some of the last years. The way to solve the problems is by breaking bigger challenges into little. Somebody like Andreessen could lead here really, by talking explicitly about the current technologies.

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