Bobby Genovese: Florida Executive on Solutions with Impact, Annual Car and Boat Rally

Bobby Genovese highlights charitable involvement as one of his most important accomplishments. The entrepreneur – originally from the farm lands of Ontario Canada, but now living in the Bahamas – dedicates much of his time to a range of charitable organizations, contributing his time and effort in particular to those that help children.

Having big ideas is great, Bobby Genovese says, but they are nothing without rolling up your sleeves and getting down to the actual planning that goes into any major event. As such, he was heavily involved with Solutions with Impact, an event management company that has helped organize some of Canada’s largest and most prestigious charitable events. Solutions with Impact’s management team has represented some of Canada’s top corporations and foundations, including Sick Kids Hospital and the Pinball Clemons Foundation.

The organization at the top of Genovese’s list is Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, an organization that stole his heart many years ago. As Canada’s largest and most sophisticated centre for pediatric cancer research, treatment and care, the hospital certainly deserves – and needs – everyones support.

“We’re able to help provide critical resources and support for their pediatric cancer initiatives, from research and treatment to practical advancements like chemotherapy backpacks that free young patients from confining hospital stays,” he explains.

Bobby Genovese has chaired the annual Car and Boat Rally Scavenger Cups since 2007, events which have raised more than $16 million for the hospital’s cancer care centre. The rally events are designed to make an impact, raise vital funds and enrich the lives of children in hopes of finding a cure for childhood cancer, Genovese says, adding that he has been honored to be involved with the rallies and joining forces with an “amazing” team of volunteers behind the scenes.

The Boat Rally for Kids With Cancer has been called the event of the summer in Muskoka, Ontario, attracting a number of celebrities. A portion of the proceeds from this year’s Boat Rally will go towards Camp Oochigeas, a privately funded, volunteer-based organization that provides kids affected by childhood cancer with opportunities for growth through challenging and fun experiences.

Genovese has noted that participating in philanthropic initiatives provides companies with a way to instill a culture of giving back within the organization. Not only does getting involved boost team morale at the company level, it also builds a strong reputation with the community and highlights the business as one with a socially responsible philosophy.

Genovese’s own philosophy is quite simple – you owe it to your community to give back, if you can. Giving is both a responsibility and a privilege, he believes, providing peace of mind and a very real sense of accomplishment.

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