Beer Loving Commerce Startup TapRm Has Raised $1.5 Million

The Founder and CEO of the TapRm named Jason Sherman said that they got a perfect time for the beer lovers to do more online shopping. TapTm is an industry, and Jason Sherman knows quite well. Sherman said about the startup TapRm that the finding those unique licenses which had existed and brought certain licenses together. TapRm has risen the funding of $1.5 million, and the CEO is allowing it to search the legal ways to combine the three tier system.

TapRm is also able to serve as a retailer as well as a distributor, and it works with the breweries to sell the beers to over 600 bars, supermarkets and restaurants. Besides, it also allows to sell the beers to the consumers directly through branded websites. Sherman said about the TapRm rewards breweries to compute the online sales.

He gave an explanation and said that they gave back a fraction of all the sales for everything that they sold online, and that’s why they had an encouragement to push the traffic to their site. He added that of one could sell through the TapRm, he/she would get back $2 to $8 on each case depending on the volume.

Sherman also said that as a consumer, one might perfectly be glad to go down the road to get the Heineken or Corona on any day of the week. However, if one is a great fan of brewery which he/she can’t find in the stores, or looking for trying something new, then he/she can purchase it from online.

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