AWS Outposts Starts to Take Shape to Bring the Cloud into the Data Center

The CEO of AWS named Andy Jassy today has spoken to the press conference and there Jassy said that there were certain workloads like running a factory which needs to compute the resources to be close due to low-latency requirements, and that was where the Outposts could have played well. He also said that they had tried to rethink that with another approach. Besides, they also had thought about that more by trying to distribute the AWS on the premises. He added that with the Outposts you had the racks of the AWS servers which had storage, compute, database as well as analytics learning on them. One could also get to decide what composition he would want and they would deliver that to the person.

The hardware is armed with abundance of services and it includes the Amazon Elastic Block Store, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, Amazon ECS and Amazon EMR. They miss the S3 storage, but the Amazon has promised that will soon be coming in 2020 with the other services on the deck too. The customers must keep computing the resources as close as possible to run a specific set of tasks. They can sign up for the Outpost is a similar way to any EC2 instance, instead of spinning that up in cloud, a command will go to the team of Outposts and it will get stacked, racked and installed on the prem. The Amazon however, still handles the entire management in the way that does with the public cloud instance.

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