An Interview with James Zachodni and David Tran on the Innovated Cannabis Event

James Zachodni and David Tran were interviewed for Forbes and shortly after the interview they announced that High Times had acquired Dope Media and allowed the entrepreneurs of the cannabis industry to evolve into a fresh chapter of the professional lives. David Tran and James Zachodni are now going forward to places which are familiar with their initial lives. This dynamic duo, also the founder of Farechild are taking their works across several sectors to create a new venture. This new venture is Farechild which is all-inclusive platform. In will include varius appealing brands as well as producers in the outside and inside of cannabis.

Both of them were asked what were the important lessons that they learnt from their decades of experiences? In response, James Zachodni replied that he thought that the most important lesson was to accept the matter which in hard to control. He added that they always joked that there was one thing that is hard to control was the thing that could go wrong. On the other David Tran said that when a person was producing an event as well as nightlife, there would be a certain expectation from the surroundings. He added that he had learnt integrity, which was everything.

The duo was again asked about their favorite restaurants, chef, memorable foodie and so on. James Zachodni said that his favorite chef was Tom Douglas and they had the honor of creating their first event which was “It’s Lit” in the April and there, they created an Asian-inspired street market. David replied that one of his memorable foodie experiences had been making the infused Chicken and the Waffles with Super Trooper casts.

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