AMC Theatres Starts Their Own On-demand Streaming Service

AMC Theatres has announced a fresh service today (16th October 2019) which is called AMC Theatres On Demand. It is a marketplace where the members of AMC can buy or can rent specific movies to enjoy at home. The beginning of iTunes-style, a la carte movie marketplace now seems almost quaint when all of the major media firms seem to follow Netflix. They are now following the leading of Netflix and are readying their subscription streaming services. However, it is an important bet on slightly old-fashioned model. Besides, it is also an interesting because the largest theatrical chain of the world to make more diversity, specifically as box office.

In that announcement, the President and CEO of AMC Theatres Adam Aron said that AMC had a specific advantage since that could use the data about movie-going nature of the Stubs members to supply the delivery to the targeted offers. The addition of the AMC Theatres On Demand that extended their movie offerings for the AMC Stubs members to their homes, made a perfect sense for the AMC Theatres. Besides, for their studio partners as well as for their millions of movie-loving guests and with over 20 million AMC Stubs households, as well as their website and smartphone applications were being visited by the movie fans.

The AMC Theatres On Demand own over 2,000 movies which are drawn from all major studios and are available at launch. The firm stated that the service would soon be available through mobile apps, web and also in the smart TV apps. AMC has been experimenting already with the new business models by responding to the entire popularity of MoviePass with their new theatrical subscription.

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