All Eyes Are on the Next Liquidity Event When It Comes to the Space Startups

At 23rd Annual Commercial Space Transportation Conference of FAA, held in Washington, DC, a panel touched on the private vs public funding. This panel was committed to the topic of the trends in VC around space startups. The right kinds of the space companies should be considering the venture funding evenly and probably most significantly, the L: Liquidity.

The Vice President at the Bessemer Venture Partners named Tess Hatch mentioned the topic and said that they had heard a lot about the money and how much of that would flow in space-related startup firms from VC community. She also said that he hadn’t seen much in the way of the Liquidity events, which proved the validity of those investments.

Hatch said that in 2008, a company named Skybox had been created, and some years later, Google had acquired that company for $500 million, and the ears of every venture capitalists had perked up and they had thought a lot of things. Then, tons of venture capital investment had flooded into the space startups, and all those capitalists had created one or two investments in the region. Since the period, there hadn’t been so many liquidity events. She also said that she was looking at several companies that had the potential to break that drought in 2020 involving five who were quite mature with respect to the development, naming Rocket Lab, SpaceX, Planet and Spite and some candidates to have some kind of the liquidity events in this year.

The panel touched a lot more apart from the liquidity that actually came up to the end of that discussion and included the panelists named Astranis CEO as well as the Co-founder Gedmark, Capella Space CEO along with the Founder Payam Banazadeh, and the Rocket Lab VP of the Global Commercial Launch Services named Shane Fleming.

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