After the Quarantine, the ISS Crews Will Be Arriving in the Orbit

Because of the quarantine order from the government, lots of companies have asked their employees to work from home, which is easy for some and tough for others. But it is absolutely impossible for the International Space Station. Either in pandemic or no pandemic, the crew need to stay there. Only after the quarantine period, they have had a successful launch and arrival.

The crews of ISS are in quarantine always prior to beginning to ensure they don’t get the flu from a chance encounter, but in this COVID-19 situation, it was a remarkable occasion. The quarantine began in April, and even the families of the crew weren’t allowed to be confined. Only the essential personnel were allowed at the launch.

TechCrunch has asked the NASA for some more details as well as any additional measures that they have taken regarding this COVID-9 for the present or future missions. Every mission of these crews is done by using the venerable Soyuz spacecraft of Russia. These have been continually updated for decades, but still, it features more than a little of what it might be described as “repeatedly flight proven” technology.

The effort of the art spacecraft for the crewed missions has lasted for several years, coming down to the SpaceX as well as its rival Boeing in the home stretch. However, while both of them have suffered the repeated delays, Boeing had several failures, which have pushed the launch out to the end of the year and probably beyond. On the other hand, SpaceX is ready to go.

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