African Crowdsolving Startup Zindi Scales 10,000 Data Scientists 

Zindi, a Cape Town-based startup, has registered 10,000 data scientists on the platform that utilizes the AI and machine learning to crowd solve some complex problems in Africa. It was first founded in 2018, and the early-stage venture allows NGOs, companies or some government institutions to host the online competitions around data-oriented challenges. It has opened the contests to African data scientists on the site who can participate in a competition, submit solutions sets, move up to the leader board and win a prize.

According to the Co-founder of Zindi, Celina Lee, the highest purse has been $12,000. Competition hosts receive the results that they can utilize to make newer products or integrate their existing platforms and systems. Also, it is totally free for the data scientists to make a profile on the site, but the persons who fund the competitions, pay Zindi a fee, which is the way how startups generate revenue.

The model of Zindi has acquired the attention of some notable corporate names in as well as outside of Africa, and those who have hosted the competitions are – Microsoft, Liquid Telecom and IBM.

Attaining 10,000 registered data-scientists represents over 100% increment for Zindi from August 2019, when TechCrunch spoke to Lee last. The startup is in the way of raising a Series A funding round and plans to connect a larger roster to some newer platform initiatives. Zindi will start a university-wide hack-competition named UmojoHack Africa throughout ten countries in March. Lee said that they were working on a section on their site as well, which was designed to run hackathons.

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