Aero – A Premium Air Travel Startup with the Funding of $16M, Backed by Expa

A new air travel startup named Aero has announced the appointment of their first chief executive officer named Uma Subramanian. Aero is backed by the great Garrett Camp’s startup studio Expa. Uma Subramanian previously was in Airbus’ helicopter service Voom.Flights.

The startup of Aero also reveals that it has a total fund of $16 million and GGV Capital has also been invested in addition to Expa. The objective and the goal of Aero is to provide a luxurious private jet and surprisingly the charges will be lesser than the costs of those commercial first class. It matches up the travelers who want to go to the same destination. It puts them on the direct flights into and out of those private airports. Thus, you can even skip those nightmare securities in the airport. It dictates that the Aero is a highly luxurious as well as comfortable air travel startup. The company has tested several flights in the summer having the partnership with European air carrier. They have transported the passengers between Ibiza of Spain and Mykonos of Greece. Now it s planning to begin selling the tickets in Mexico next month.

Camp, who was the co-founder of StumbleUpon and Uber invested in the BlackJet which was a private jet startup which was unfortunately shut down.

The company was asked that who had been taking those flights that far. In response, the spokesperson replied that their customers were experience-driven, and they believed that the seamless air should become a part of the travel experience. Aero also said that they were also developing a mobile-first booking as well as the ticketing system. The CEO of Aero said that he was very excited to lead the entire Aero team and he really wanted to bring our life in a newer and fresher form in this age of air travel. He wanted to make the flying experience a magical one.

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