Activist Amira Yahyaoul Battling the College Financial Aid System of the United States

Amira Yahyaoui is the Tunisian human rights activist. She couldn’t attend college. However, it is not because she failed to afford it. The place from where she comes from, the college is almost free. She lost her opportunity of going for higher education, finish her high school. She was in exile from Tunisia at just 17 under the tyrannical regime of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, country’s former President.

As a part of the human rights diaspora of Tunisia, she got inspiration to build a renowned global NGO, Al Bawasala. The NGO fights for government transparency, access to information and accountability. Yahyaoui has traveled over thousands of miles to reach San Francisco. Now she is fighting another battle which is very close to her heart; civic education. According to the terms of Silicon Valley, it is edtech.

She told TechCrunch that she wouldn’t have allowed herself to do something else before solving a problem in her own country. She is proud that across the world, Tunisia has become only Arab democracy.

Keeping that in mind she shifted her focus to Mos. It is a tech-enabled platform dedicated for students to appeal for financial aid. Mos has got backing from Base Ventures, Sweet Capital, Chairman of Kleiner Perkins, John Doerr, co-founder of Uber Garrett Camp, Expa (startup studio of Camp) and others. It has closed around a $4 million seed. The platform is planning to take its recently launched product to a higher level.

This innovative startup aims to decrease American student debt. In 2018, the debt hit nearly $1.6 trillion. The platform also seeks to digitize the outdated government systems that prevent students from applying for student financial aid. Mos is here to help students of any background to maximize the aid awards with one-time $149 fee for each student and 20 minutes of their precious time.

Yahyaoui said that the mission is to close the distance between government and citizens.

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