An EF Alumnus, Unitary, Has Raised £1.3M Seed to Moderate Content

Unitary is a startup company which develops artificial intelligence to automate the content moderation for harmful content. The purpose is to reduce the activity of humans with those harmful contents. The company has raised £1.35 million in its funding and still in the development mode. However, Unitary has already started a trial of its technology in September.

The seed round has been led by the Rocket Internet’s GFC, and also there is backing from the SGH Capital, Jane VC, and some unnamed angel investors. Previously, Unitary raised pre-seed funding from the Entrepreneur First, being an alumnus of the startup builder program.

The CEO and co-founder of Unitary, named Sasha Haco, said that in every minute, more than 500 hours of newer video footage were uploaded to the internet, besides the volume of violent, abusive and disturbing content, which is being put in online is very astonishing. Currently, the safety of the internet depends on the armies of human moderators who have to watch carefully and must take down those inappropriate materials. Sasha Haco thinks that humans will fail in this section. Haco previously had worked on black holes with Stephen Hawking.

Haco also said that continuous exposure to these disturbing footages is leaving a lot of moderators with PTSD, and regulations are responding to that crisis as well as putting pressure on platforms so that they can deal with useless and harmful content and can protect our child from those worst sides of the internet.

Although there are a lot of solutions that are offered to the developers that can determine the restricted contents, which are obvious such as extreme violence or nudity, Haco argues that those aren’t good enough to dispatch human involvement.

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