Madbox, a French Game Startup Raises $16.5 million in Series A Funding

Madbox, a French mobile game startup company is raising $16.5 million Series A funding from Alven. They are developing the mobile games and also are handling everything which are needed to start and to finish to design the games and for the user acquisition.

In the space of mobile game, Madbox is a younger player and the company is the product of the merger of 2 small Paris-based game studios in 2018 July. After couple of months, the startup, Madbox had released their first game named Dash Valley. The game after getting released, ended up quickly trending in the top most 50 downloadable free game in the App Store across the United States.

In addition, the Madbox has released several fascinating games from that time and at some point, 3 of their games got placed in the top 10 charts which were – Idle Ball Race, Sausage Flip and StickMan Hook. Overall, the Madbox has developed 100 million game downloads. The co-founder and CEO of this startup named Nicoas Vernin told that the core method of Madbox was that they internalized everything and they tried to automate as many games as possible. Madbox, in addition to refuse the assets from a game to another one, they try to apply the similar method during user marketing and acquisition. He also said that people often told them that they had a data-driven culture which was disproportionately developed in their company.

With their employees and business model, Madbox is currently very profitable and now they want to tackle more mobile games from the hyper casual to the idle games and even the less casual games. Madbox also is opening another office in Barcelona.

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