17 French VC Firms Provide Support to Advice the Startups with Virtual Office Hours 

Some French VC companies intend to stay available to provide support to the tech field at large during this lockdown period, and those companies want to do it with virtual office hours. If you are a startup and are currently struggling, then there are chances that you can have discussions with the investors.

However, if you have raised from business angels who actually don’t have sufficient available time on their hands, then there is no need to have the proper support framework. Even if you own a VC firm on the capitalization table, then they may have more emergency cases to deal with at this time.

The program, named VC Hours, is very simple, and any startup can go through the dedicated Calendly account and can also request a meeting with a VC firm. Then you can talk with the investor for only 30 minutes over the telephone or a video call.

The service is entirely free, and all the VC firms that are behind the VC Hours has promised that all the data will be kept confidential. Surely, it is going to be tough for the investors to overlook those previous conversations when some startups are going to raise some cash later.

If you want some advice now on runway, fundraising, and cashflow pace, then those meetings could be helpful. Originally, Breega put the VC hours together originally, and here is the list of the VC firms –

  • Axeleo
  • Aster
  • Breega
  • Caphorn
  • Blackfin tech
  • Daphni
  • Demeter
  • Elaia
  • IDInvest
  • Iris Capital
  • Eutopia
  • Kerala
  • Starquest
  • Omnes Capital
  • Samaipata
  • Raise Ventures
  • Ventech

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