$12M Raised by MigVax for Coronavirus Vaccine Efforts

Worldwide, scientists are trying so hard to generate a vaccine for COVID-19. Without a vaccine, it would be tough to control the virus, because maintaining social distance doesn’t have a foreseeable future. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, predicts that it may take a year before they develop a vaccine, which can be approved for the people. An Israeli startup, MigVax, is affiliated with Migal Galilee Research Institute. This startup thinks that it can accelerate the process because it already and worked on creating a framework for Infectious Bronchitis Virus, a coronavirus, which affects chicken. The result is impressive as it is really effective and safe in animals.

David Zigdon, the CEO of Migal Galilee Research Institute, said that the experiments that they had carried out so far showed that because the vaccine didn’t include the virus, and that would be secured to use in restrained immune recipients, and had lesser chances of side effects. He added that it used a protein vector, which could form and emitted a chimeric soluble protein that contained the antigen into the tissues and caused the generation of antibodies against the virus. They were working to adjust their normal vaccine system to the COVID-19. MigVax concentrated on having the material ready for clinical trials using a fermentation process.  

The startup opposes that its arrival would offer remarkable advantages in producing and cost since it utilizes bacterial fermentation to generate the vaccine for the virus. It is a process that is understood well and widely used. The company has said that they are in talks already with some strategic partners.

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