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WT Digital Share the Latest Trends in Digital Marketing

When companies formulate a digital marketing strategy, they must take several factors into consideration. They need to consider their audience, their message, the ways in which they want to get the word out, and the benefits and costs of marketing.

Today’s digital marketing firms have new and fresh ways of doing business that may be surprising. The WT Digital Agency shares six current trends in digital marketing that may help your business find new ways of sharing its expertise with customers and the general public.

Social Media Influencers

Many popular brands have made a good showing using digital influencer marketing. Influencers are paid to showcase a company’s brands or services in their own social media feeds. According to industry research, 70 percent of teenagers are more likely to trust influencers than celebrities. Makeup, music, fashion, and lifestyle influencers are popular among Gen Z consumers.

Millennials and Gen-X users are also interested in influencer content. For these age groups, beauty, food, travel, and parenting are three of the top categories. Influencer marketing enables people with a connection to a famous person to make money from it.

Many popular influencers are the spouses or friends of people who are famous in their own right. Social media users love to see “behind-the-scenes” photos and stories about their favorite celebrities.

In order to take advantage of influencer marketing, a company must choose its representation carefully. The influencer must not have connections with any illegal or controversial behavior. They must have a solid public image without any embarrassing mistakes. Otherwise, the company could be drawn into controversy.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are becoming popular marketing buzzwords. These systems are able to take marketing content and make it fit directly into the customer’s viewpoint. Retailers are beginning to use AR to help customers find items on the shelves. Tech companies are starting to use VR to help sell new products, games, or materials. Realtors are giving virtual tours of their properties. While relatively uncommon currently, this technology may be nearing a tipping point with the recent surge in companies required to shift to a remote work model.

Having a good AR and VR strategy means that a company will need to carefully match their content with their delivery. If an AR or VR system is too difficult to use or is ridden with bugs, this will cause a drop in the company’s public image.

Quizzes and Polls

Most social media users love to share their opinions via a quiz or an entertaining poll. It is fun to take part in one of these activities, and users may even share your poll or quiz if the material speaks to them. This is also a good way to get people to sign up for your mailing list for future email campaigns. Make sure that your campaign is memorable and easy to use.

Artificial Intelligence

AI or artificial intelligence has become a major part of digital marketing. Starting from behind the scenes, artificial intelligence can help companies analyze the behavior of their website and social media visitors. AI can help to improve sales. It can also help marketers predict customers’ next moves.

Stories on Social Media

Younger social media users of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have been using Stories for a few years. These are short videos or photo clips that usually disappear in 24 hours. Older users tend to ignore Stories, but if you want to make authentic contact with young users, this is an easy and cost-effective way to do so. Stories can help brands put themselves forward in the customer’s mind, bringing them into focus when it is time to make a purchasing decision.

Search Engine Marketing Refinements

In the past, search engine marketing was limited to ads and search placement. Today, it is even more important to create “snippets” of information that the search engine will pull directly from your page and show on its results page. Many people use this information in a stand-alone fashion without even opening your webpage. When people click through to your webpage, they can find more detailed results for their search.

Creating an Authentic Campaign

When your company wants to enhance its digital marketing capabilities, it is a must to make sure that you are working with a qualified agency. There are many fly-by-night agencies marketing untested and invalid strategies. Beware of any agency offering rock-bottom prices and quick turnaround time, as they have likely not spent the required amount of time to truly know your business and its inner workings.

The WT Digital Agency encourages all firms that are interested in digital marketing to do their homework and find out what aspects of other companies’ marketing strategies are appealing. A qualified digital marketing agency will be able to create a campaign that will show your company in its best light and help you receive a high number of click-throughs and sales.

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