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The Importance Of Teeth And Why You Need A Family Dentist For Your Oral Health In Greenbelt

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The teeth are some of the most important parts of our body. It is mainly used for us to chew our food so that it would be easier to digest. In the ancient times, it was also used as a weapon to bite our enemies and the tools that we need to survive. Nowadays, we have outgrown that in the modern world. That being said, our teeth are also parts of our overall aesthetic. Many people believe that the whiter the person’s teeth are, the better and more beautiful the person becomes. However, many researches have shown that this may not be the case. (To read more about this, click here.)


The teeth have many parts or layers. There is the enamel, or the outer layer. This is the protection of the teeth, and it is one of the hardest materials in the body. Want to know how hard it is? In its prime state, it can shatter even some of our own bones! Its crown, or the top part, also determines the function of the teeth. The front teeth are the first ones we see especially if we smile. It is also responsible for cutting the food. If it has a sharp end, it must probably a canine tooth and it is for tearing the food. The back teeth are called the premolars and molars. They are mainly used for crushing food and mixing it with our saliva for easier swallowing. Sadly, the enamel is also very vulnerable to damage. Things like acids, sugars, and other chemicals can wear away this hard casing of the teeth. Unlike our bones, the enamel does not have regenerative properties. This means that once it is damaged, it can never repair itself. The next part or layer of our teeth is the dentin. It has many microscopic tubes and is the “living layer” of the teeth. Once the enamel is damaged, this part is exposed and can be very sensitive. If it comes into contact with hot or cold substances, the person might feel pain, almost like an electric shock. However, the most pain can be felt if the damage reaches the inner core, the pulp. This is where the blood vessels and neurons are located. If the damage is extensive, it can lead to more complications.

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Tooth decay is one of the main problems or conditions for the teeth. Bacteria is always in our mouth, but there are good and bad bacteria. If the bad bacteria evade the cleaning we do, they can stay around the teeth and wait for the opportunity to form cavities or caries. They mainly target the enamel. Once it had done considerable damage to it, the dentin can be exposed and can lead to sensitivity. If it reaches the pulp, it can lead to infection.


The gums are also very important for the teeth. These are made up of bones and muscular tissue. They support teeth in its functions like chewing our food. If we do not wash and clean it, plaque and bacteria can form and inflame the gums. This can also greatly affect our teeth and can be very painful. They can also contribute to other problems like halitosis and gingivitis. (If you would like to read more about halitosis, this article might help:


How can we avoid these problems?

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We need to clean our mouth very well. This starts by brushing our teeth properly. Do not brush very hard, as this can lead to more damage to the teeth. Use toothpastes that have fluoride and calcium in them, as they can help protect the enamel. Brushing two or three times a day is also the healthier choice. Two minutes is the best average duration for brushing the teeth. Any longer than that and it can be damaging for it. After this is done, do not forget to floss as they help in removing food particles that brushing missed. Floss can reach the root, the part that connects the gums and the teeth and it between teeth which are the parts that are full of leftover particles. In choosing a mouthwash, please go for the gentler and color-free options. Alcohol-based mouthwashes and artificial coloring can damage and affect the color of the enamel.


For food options, avoid the ones that are full of sugar and artificial colors. Sodas can taste very good especially on a hot summer day, but they are not good for your enamel. It is recommended to gargle with water after drinking these products to wash away their effects. If you have a habit of chewing non-food substances like your nails and ballpens, these can also lead to cracks in your teeth. Stress can also contribute to teeth damage. Bruxism is a condition wherein a person cannot stop his or herself teeth grinding every time he or she sleeps. If this continues, the friction between teeth cn slowly tear away our teeth (see more about this condition).

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For more ways to check on our teeth, you can always go to the dentist. It is important to have your own family dentist so that you may be able to know him and her and trust their judgment for your teeth problems. They must be legally operating and doing their practice with a formal license. There are many cases with which some these dentists take advantage of people and leads to more far more complications. They can also do repairs for our teeth and make artificial teeth for those whose conditions are already advanced. If you are looking for a Greenbelt dentist who is near your area, I’m sure there will be many willing to help you with your oral health problems. Hint? Check the internet.


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