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The Chinese Herbal Drink That May Prevent Alcohol Poisoning

More than 600,000 people land in emergency departments every year because they’re too intoxicated — and an average of six people die every day from alcohol poisoning.
High levels of alcohol can shut down parts of the brain that support critical life functions, such as breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. Without prompt treatment, alcohol poisoning can kill you.
Mr Kenny Tham, the Singapore and Asia Representative of XI SHI ZHEN BAO BIOTECHNOLOGY CHINA, will be sharing with us the amazing benefits of XI SHI ZHEN BAO in helping millions of people around the world from Alcohol Poisoning.

Kenny Tham

Mr Tham, can you share with us what is XI SHI ZHEN BAO?

XI SHI ZHEN BAO is a Secret Chinese Herbal Formula from the Ming Dynasty. The formula Enhances Liver Functions and Accelerate Liver Regeneration. This is a daily beverage of the Imperial Families.

How can XI SHI ZHEN BAO help in the Prevention Alcohol Poisoning?

XI SHI ZHEN BAO is an Imperial Secret Formula for Detoxification and Liver Enhancements. Because it is so effective and efficient in the detoxification process, it can detoxify alcohol toxins in your body in 3-5 minutes.

So XI SHI ZHEN BAO is meant for people who drink alcohol regularly?

No, it is an Imperial Formula consumed by Emperors and courts officials for detoxification purpose. Because, it takes effect almost instantly when consumed, it is very popular in China as a form of Before & After Alcohol Beverage.


Besides Alcohol Detoxification, the following are the other health benefits from XI SHI ZHEN BAO :

  1. By efficiently and effectively removing excess toxins from your body can help to increase energy levels and keep you going strong throughout the day.
  2. Detoxification can also help with long-term weight management by removing the toxins that are currently interfering with proper metabolic function and helping to set you up with healthy habits.
  3. Daily consumption will help to reduce inflammation that contributes to a host of problems.
  4. By supporting your body in the removal of free radicals, heavy metals and other toxins, will help to improve the appearance of your skin.
  5. Effective detoxification gives you a better digestive and lymphatic function. Both of these are key to a strong and balanced immune system.
  6. By removing the accumulations interfering with your mental and emotional state, you will open yourself up to better sleep, clear thought and positive energy.

How can we prove the effectiveness of XI SHI ZHEN BAO?

You can consume a 40% alcohol content brandy or even Chinese wine at 53% alcohol content. You can test it with a breathalyser used by the police department to show your body alcohol content. Drink 2 packets of XI SHI ZHEN BAO with 400ml of warm water. 5 minutes later, test it with the same breathalyser, you can witness substantial drop in your body alcohol content. People with healthier body will see a Zero alcohol reading. This has been tested and proven.

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Can XI SHI ZHEN BAO change how the World consume alcohol?

Personally I don’t think anything could change how the world consume alcohol. But XI SHI ZHEN BAO can definitely help billions of people to drink healthier. For those who don’t drink alcohol, XI SHI ZHEN BAO can return you a Healthier Liver, the Beauty That You Deserve and a Happier Life.

Can children consume XI SHI ZHEN BAO?

Yes, of course. XI SHI ZHEN BAO is made from 100% natural herbal ingredients. It is a beverage suitable for anyone in all ages. XI SHI ZHEN BAO is also very beneficial to people suffering from Chronic Disease such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, and arthritis. It will not cure these Chronic Diseases but it will enhance the recuperation process drastically.

How is XI SHI ZHEN BAO made affordable to anyone?

XI SHI ZHEN BAO though a premium beverage, is affordable to most consumers. Retailed at US$68 a box of 12 servings, it is an affordable investment for a healthier lifestyle.

How can anyone buy XI SHI ZHEN BAO?

You can purchase XI SHI ZHEN BAO in more than 3,600 National Pharmacies in China. Currently, XI SHI ZHEN BAO is only available only in China, Germany, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Singapore. We welcome distributors from around the world to partner XI SHI ZHEN BAO, and bring Healthier Liver across the globe.

Can interested parties contact you, Mr. Tham?

Yes, definitely! You are welcome to reach me via WhatsApp +65 8227 1355 or email at

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