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Meet Dale Parducci of Dale Parducci Fitness (Sweet Startups Interview)

Dale Parducci, of Dale Parducci Fitness, is one of the few fitness experts who have helped revolutionize how the pursuit of fitness programs can help give people the power to transform their wishes into reality. He boasts of success as a fitness expert having started pursuing this field at a young age, and by the time he turned 20 he had a resolve to commit himself to a fitness program that would few years down the line prove the best decision he ever made. He conducts both online and in-person sessions with different techniques applied to fit different people. He helps explain more about his journey and future as a fitness trainer.


How did you begin pursuing fitness and was becoming a fitness coach your dream initially?


My career in fitness began many years ago when I was still in high school. At that time, I realized that I could embrace a program that would help me become better and achieve my goals of having a perfect looking body. At first, it felt like this was the most difficult thing I ever tried in my life, but with persistence came better days and it turned out that the more I did it the easier it felt. What I did not know is that I would one day help others achieve their fitness goals. In fact, my goal initially was not to become a fitness coach as my focus was mainly on getting my body to look good and be fit. But once it started working for me, I decided to also begin offering services to others who were stuck and trying different programs that seemed difficult to process.


What is your advice to that person who is stuck and looking for motivation to begin?

Many people are motivated to make the first step, but the problem gets in when they realize that it’s a challenging journey, and this is what leads most of them to go back to their initial state. Through my programs, I make sure to first prepare people psychologically so when they join the programs they have the right mental configuration. I never introduce them to the program by saying it’s the easiest thing, but I make sure they go in with as much hope as possible, and this keeps them moving to go past the initial steps, the most challenging in my opinion. If you are stuck, I advise you to sacrifice some time to start working out and you could make this easier by inviting a professional trainer who will guide you on the right steps to take.


Is it true that you don’t reuse a client’s program, and why?


Yes, I don’t reuse a client’s program and I would like to advise anyone out there to adopt this idea. What I have observed over time is that everyone is different and applying the same program could mean some people will miss important benefits that cannot come with a program that was passed down from another person. Therefore, I make sure that I have created a new program for every new person who comes to seek my services. This way, one is able to achieve their potential and the program works perfectly to help them get through without pausing to make readjustments.


What is your message to those who are looking to begin a fitness program?


One of the things I learnt while working out as a beginner is that the more you think about something, the more you are likely going to delay action. The best advice I can give to these people who are about to begin working out is that they should begin right away. Excuses and assumptions that there will be a perfect moment can only delay the process, and this could also mean you might never get that perfect moment to begin. Start now if you want to move forward. Of course at the beginning things will appear so difficult but the human body adjusts quickly and within few days you will realize it is the best decision you ever made.



Where do you see yourself in near future, say three years?


I always have big dreams and most of my dreams in the past have come true, a factor that motivates me to dream more about my life. As a fitness expert and one who has managed to help hundreds of people, I would like to expand this craft to also include international partners who can help spread the ideas I have to other places across the world. The internet has come with many opportunities and I believe this is one of the platforms that will help me reach many people in the international space who are looking for help.


What’s your opinion about health in general and what should everyone understand?


Health is an issue that is bundled among other discussions and it is rarely given the weight it deserves. Only those who are suffering health problems understand the pleasure that is good health, and you should not push yourself to a level where you will need to worry about what could happen the next second. Maintaining your health is a duty that you cannot afford to overlook. Health is a broad subject and the first steps you should take in maintaining a good health is first understanding that not everything you eat is supposed to go into your body in the first place. You need to pick which foods to prioritize and what to drop. Regardless of how much you will commit to a fitness program, if you are not going to match this effort with eating well then you will surely not achieve results.

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