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Kanthi D Suresh – The First Woman in India to Head 24/7 Sports Channel

We all are quite aware of the show Talking Turkey with Kanthi and the candid reporting by the Editor-in-chief Kanthi D. Suresh, who adds her rich knowledge in sports journalism and years of experience as USP for the show. Started her career as a political news anchor at Doordarshan News, Kanthi got the chance to anchor their Olympics coverage when the meant journalist backed out of it.

“That’s where it all began, completely by accident,” giggles Suresh, who would soon move to sports reporting and would cover a number of sports events, including the Commonwealth Games, the Olympics and the Asian games.In 2018, Kanthi launched the Gurugram-based digital news channel Power Sportz, India’s first sports news channel. Power Sportz is available on the desktop, Android, iOS and the Amazon Fire TV stick. The show ‘Talking Turkey with Kanthi’ has played an important role in making the Power Sportz channel well-known as every episode of the show gets a viewership of more than one million.

The Editor-in-chief Kanthi D Suresh believes that if you present something original and factual to the people, it would definitely work.

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