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Jeanne Rowzee Assesses the Skill Cap and Difficulty of Golf

Golf is a sport which is accessible to everyone. However, it takes time, skill, and concentrated practice to become good at the sport. Golf is a lifestyle sport with many excellent benefits for the player, both socially and physically. Jeanne Rowzee, a non-profit organizer and golf enthusiast, explores the ways in which novice players can become better at the sport.

Technical Difficulty of Golf

While the basics of golf seem simple, it is a sport which requires a great deal of technical finesse. Anyone can hit balls at a driving range, but it takes time and practice to navigate a proper golf course. Novice players are well-served by setting up lessons with golf professionals at their local club.

Choosing the Right Equipment

For a beginner, it is best that you do not purchase a prepackaged set of golf clubs. These clubs may not meet your specific needs, and it is foolish to waste money on a club you will never use even if you found a good price on the set. Ideally, you should visit a specialty golf retailer to be properly measured for your clubs. Your style of play and swing speed determine which types of clubs are the best for your overall success.

The four essential clubs you should buy first are the driver, fairway woods, hybrids, and putters. These clubs should be used for different situations on the course. For teeing off, a driver is the best choice for a beginner. For approach shots, try an 8 or 9 iron club. If you end up in a sand trap or in the rough, use a hybrid club to get your ball out. For the final approach on the green, use a putter.

Make sure that you check the angle of each club you are buying, and make sure that your golf professional has approved your choices. If you are shopping at a discount sports retailer, do your research in advance and find out what is available.

Be sure that you have proper golf shoes, comfortable clothing, and sun protection to use while you are on the course. Keeping yourself fit on the golf course requires some effort, but you will get better at carrying your clubs and walking the long distances required when playing the sport.

Practice Techniques for First Time Golfers

Now that you have your equipment, you are ready to try golfing. Visit the driving range with an experienced friend and have him or her teach you to swing the club. The best way to start is by practicing swinging the club without the tee in place. Allow your friend or golf professional to give you feedback on your swing. When you are first starting out, it is best to avoid swinging too hard.

When you are having your first session at the driving range, start out small. Start by using a wedge club or a short iron. It is important to warm up your muscles with smaller swings. As you go along, slowly increase your swing rate and use larger irons, finishing with the driver. After hitting your first big drive, go back to the smaller clubs for shorter swings. This will keep your rhythm going while sensibly breaking in your muscles.

Many people joke that golf uses muscles you didn’t know you had. You will probably be sore after your first outing. It is a sport that puts a unique amount of stress on the shoulders, back, and lateral muscles. In the gym, make sure that you do exercises that will keep your shoulders and back strong and limber. You may also want to work on the treadmill to strengthen your overall cardio fitness.

Finally, move on to a real golf course. Bring an experienced friend with you. He or she will be able to walk you through the worst of your first-day jitters. Anticipate that you will be a terrible golfer at first. There will be plenty of time to make a strong showing. Focus on learning the rhythms of the game and anticipate that your skills will fall into place as you go along.

Try the Sport of Golf

Golfing can be an expensive sport, but it is a uniquely rewarding pursuit. Getting outside, playing with strategy, and getting exercise are all major benefits of the sport. Above all, Jeanne Rowzee suggests that you have support when you start golfing. Work with an experienced friend or get lessons from a qualified professional. Golf will be a great addition to your social and personal lives.

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