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Best Cider Mills in Michigan

Autumn can be considered one of the most fun seasons as you get to take part in Halloween and experience the apple season, especially in Michigan. Michigan has a wide array of cider mills that are fun to visit for some fresh, delicious cider. You get the chance to pick apples straight from the tree, watch how different ciders are made and maybe sit down to enjoy some pie, donuts and more cider! Below are several businesses you should consider visiting for the finest cider in Michigan:

Hy’s Cider Mill

This amazing mill is a small market farm tailored as a home farm. The owner allows you to pick apples, pumpkins and make delicious pies! The set up includes picnic tables around the farm so that you and family or friends can enjoy a scrumptious sit-down.

Families can also view how cider is made in bales of hay. Hy’s is one of the best cider makers and it isn’t too far from the Detroit area.

Long Family Orchard, Farm & Cider Mill

The orchard has a small maize maze and a small petting zoo that children can enjoy during the visit. Once you visit the location, you are treated to quality cider, donuts, apple butter, preserves, and bread.

Other fun activities include picnicking, a giant slide, giant jumping pillow, and pedal carts.

Franklin Cider Mill

This cider mill is renowned for providing fresh cider that is non-pasteurized. For more than two centuries, the establishment has been serving donuts alongside with the cider, which means that they have perfected on their trade. Be sure to be among the long lines of locals along the tree line waiting to get a taste of the cold cider and donuts.

Parshallville Grist Mill

Also known as, Tom Walker’s Grist Mill, the cider mill doubles up as a historic site. The mill is 136 years old and is among the few cider mills in the state of Michigan that is water powered. Their signature – the Parshallville’s homemade Dutch apple pie brings people from all over the state just to get a bite. Other special treats to sink your teeth in are their heirloom apples, caramel apples, and spiced donuts.

These are not the only exciting mills to visit in Michigan. Check out other cider mills to visit in Michigan.

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