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Why Isadore H May Encourages Others to Consider a Career in Law

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the current number of active lawyers in the United States is almost 800,000. Moreover, the employee change that is expected to happen between 2016 and 2026 amounts to 65,000 new jobs. In other words, this is a prime example of a booming market that more and more professionals are choosing to pursue. And rightly so.

When looking at the field of law, there are many outstanding benefits to reward dedicating an extra four years to one’s academic endeavors. After all, once that phase is successfully completed, the attorney will have exciting engagements, high salary, enormous demand, and many more outstanding privileges to look forward to. So, what exactly are the perks of becoming a lawyer and why should anyone consider this career?

Outstanding Salary

Although the vast majority of individuals who spend eight years in college do not do it for the high salary, this factor should be mentioned. After all, the current median pay across the legal field stands north of $120,000 annually. Those who advance and achieve partnership levels will usually be making over $200,000. Therefore, the ability to pay off any outstanding student loans and build a fantastic life characterized by financial freedom is one remarkable advantage of a law career.

Diverse Sub Sectors

Although lawyers are often envisioned as suited professionals carrying leather briefcases, this is nothing but a mere stereotype. The reason why is the fact that there is really no such concept as an “average” attorney. Instead, everyone who works in the field has a different focus, career goals, and sub-specialty. For example, just like all doctors are different depending on the field of medicine in which they work, lawyers get to choose from a wide variety of exciting markets. Some of the common examples include:

  • Criminal Law;
  • Elderly Law;
  • Discrimination Law;
  • Family Law;
  • Intellectual Property;
  • Finance and Labor Regulations.

Expectedly, this list goes on to include dozens of other specialties that are all different from the next. Thus, a career in the legal industry will give one an unparalleled ability to focus on the exact area of the market that they want to impact.

Client-Serving Profession

According to a seasoned expert in law and an educational contributor who established the Louis May Memorial Holocaust Endowed Scholarship, Isadore H May, working with people is one of the main reasons to pursue a career as an attorney. Obviously, this sector is dedicated to client service which means that the product offered is intangible. Instead, it is based on professionalism, due diligence, commitment, proper communication, and loyalty.


In translation, lawyers get to connect with people who need their help with overcoming important legal battles. During these engagements, as Isadore H May explains, one gets to bond with their clients and build long-term relationships. This often feels like the most rewarding part of the job that easily beats all monetary compensation accompanied by hefty promotions and large offices.

Never-Ending Challenges

Another important reason why people should consider being attorneys is the fact that the entire career can be depicted as an enormous challenge that one has to overcome. Starting with the incredibly difficult beginning of law school and complex Bar exam all the way to actual court cases and client-related endeavors. Odds are, there are going to be many times when one must go above and beyond to complete outstanding research, prepare a superior defense, and so on. Thus, the challenges will never really stop and one’s entire body of work will be composed of them overcoming adversity at various levels. This often creates a deep sense of accomplishment much like entrepreneurs feel when their new business takes off.

Knowledge of Various Fields

Even though the primary specialty of every attorney will be the legal field that they focus on, they will frequently have to become experts for other sectors. For example, an individual who operates as a corporate attorney will also have to possess an appropriate level of knowledge in accounting, finance, supply management, and much more. That way, they can maintain their competency and fulfill the role successfully. This is important as, according to Isadore H May, it gives one an opportunity to expand their horizons.

For illustration, attorneys may want to be educated on more than just a long-lasting set of laws and the nation’s judiciary system. Well, after getting into the industry and gaining the necessary experience, they will be able to choose their area of expertise and learn more about it. Hence why many lawyers can establish their own practices and build entire companies from the ground-up. Ultimately, the only limitation to one’s possibilities after getting certified is their own ambition and persistence.

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