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What Makes a Good ICBC Lawyer in Vancouver BC

There is this irritating kind of law of life which claims that “things will go wrong in any given situation if you give them a chance”. It is completely pessimistic and often times completely true, and so you have millions of people around the world saying some indecent things about Murphy and this law of his. The fact is, though, that terrible things can happen to wonderful people, even for seemingly no reason at all, and one of those is getting caught up in a motor vehicle incident – or in more simple words, having a car crash.

Information from 2006 offers some insight on the increase of car crash occurrences worldwide, and things are not much better twelve years later if we are being honest. In addition, there are the commonplace instances of bad luck as well, such as, say, just slipping in your neighbor’s backyard one day and ending up with a spinal cord injury that completely messes up your everyday life. To know more, you can go here.

When nasty things like these happen, you need to be able to rest assured that you will get the best medical and legal attention possible, and that is often hard to achieve. Money, for one, is always a huge problem. So, in these cases, you want to sign on with a good ICBC attorney who can help you with your claim and fetch you that damages money that you suddenly really need. We put together a little walkthrough of a good ICBC attorney’s key characteristics that you should look for in your prospective new lawyer.

Are they compassionate?

At first glance, it might seem weird – a compassionate lawyer? Aren’t they supposed to be sly and unscrupulous courtroom warriors? Well, no, not in this case. This is a personal injury attorney we are looking at, so if they view you as just another segment of the business, then that is bad business. You want a lawyer who will be able to empathize with you and your plight. They should be motivated to help you solve the problems that arose from being injured. In other words, you want an attorney with empathy and people skills, who will gladly go the extra mile to get you the best possible outcome, be it a final verdict or a settlement along the way.

The lawyer that is right for you will invest the energy into working long hours, meeting up with you and your family, and possibly your friends and colleagues too. They will do their research on anything that might be unclear and sail through a sea of paperwork on your behalf. Most importantly, they will understand that this is a whole new world to you, and they will never disregard your questions or concerns, no matter how trivial they may seem to their own professionally trained mind.

The attorney that is right for you will be your friend in the real sense of the word. Thankfully, this important factor can be easily checked for right in the interviewing phase. You can get some tips for that at this link:


Are they actually available?

This is somewhat in line with the previous point. When we say “available”, we mean more than just “down for a phone call and will show up at court”. A good lawyer will make themselves available to their clients, not at all times (because they are human too and need to sleep, eat, spend time with their families and so forth), but certainly at any time within their designated working hours, and especially for the duration of your case.

This applies to the pre-trial phase as well, and maybe even to the post-trial period if need be. An attorney who is available is willing to make the time to answer your questions and address your concerns. They will actually dedicate some effort to your education – they will explain to you what is happening and why, and how you can choose to go about it.

Do they have relevant experience?

The key word here is “relevant”. You see, if you live in Vancouver, there is this little loophole that can get you badly burned. In British Columbia, an attorney is fully allowed to advertise their services to people who have had a motor vehicle incident, or have experienced some sort of personal injury event, regardless of whether not the attorney in question actually has any working experience in those particular kinds of claims.

Therefore, if you are looking for a Vancouver ICBC attorney, make sure to check and double-check all of your potential candidates for their credentials, testimonials, case studies, and always read the “about us” sections with great attention. The more details you can get on the area they specialize in, the better.

What is their relationship with their professional peers?

This is one of those “each coin has two sides” situations. You want to make sure that your potential attorney has the respect of the community: that they have been favorably reviewed by relevant professional journals, articles, listings, as well as the regional or national professional groups.

This is a testament to the fact that they provide admirable results on a consistent basis. It is also a lovely green flag that signals to you that they have amassed considerable years of genuine experience in the field. On the flipside, be wary of their own behavior and conversation.

Is the prospective candidate sending a good deal of time and breath slandering their professional opponents, or disparaging their peers in the business? Give those guys a wide berth. A good attorney will focus on you and ways they can help you solve your new unfavorable situation, not on toxic idle gossip. If they are so dedicated to throwing mud at others, they are, at best, hiding deep incompetence, and at worst, running a scam. You can always see someone’s professionalism level in how they regard their peers in the trade – allies and competitors alike.

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