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Saleh Stevens Interview

Saleh Stevens is a businessman who spends the majority of his time looking for ways to purchase cryptocurrencies during the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Having graduated with a business degree, he worked as an investor for his entire career. Nowadays, most of the engagements Saleh Stevens picks up are based on consulting and asset management services for clients who are looking to increase their passive income and handle their money better. His other skills are focused on the field of market forecasting that enables him to closely predict what the future of the economy might look like. This ability is the main reason why Saleh Stevens has become known as the one that people go to when they want insight that helps double or triple their capital.

What is the secret to smart investments?

A lot of research and dedication. You have to be willing to lose money before you earn it. More accurately, before you earn any significant money that will define your career. Most investors, however, find this hard to grasp and decide to give up before they even start. Think about it this way, when your career as an investor begins, you have to use the money that you saved up to purchase assets. This can be a problem because there are seldom things you can place your money in and expect to get a high return rapidly. Thus, you will need to spend money without knowing when and if it will come back to you. Such insecurity and unpredictability are hard for most people to handle. Thus, one must rely on hardcore research and be extraordinarily patient. Trust the process as it is proven to work. In my experience, no person who has dedicated countless hours and energy to something will come out as a loser.

Why did you decide to switch to cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is the future of this industry. I like to keep up with trends as much as possible. Since I operate in the very volatile field of business where the only way to accurately predict something is through time travel, I think that making a leap of faith and giving 100 percent of my dedication to crypto will pay off. In reality, it has already paid off given the high increases in value witnessed in 2017. Nonetheless, I would go as far to say that the best is yet to come!

What are some of the tools that help you remain successful?

I use a lot of software that is good for budgeting and record tracking. Given that most of my taxes come in the form of a self-employment fee, I need to keep complete reconciliation of everything that I expensed throughout the year. Some of the standard tools that help me do that are Excel and Quickbooks. Excel is probably the easier one to use, and it is free, so I would suggest the readers who want to make some investments to learn how to use it.

Would you quit investing if you somehow earned a historically-unprecedented high return on one of your assets?

Well, if I became a billionaire in a way that makes Warren Buffet look irrelevant, I would be less engaged in every particular sector of the market. Would I still invest? Absolutely! Although profits are the most important bottom line of my profession, I am a huge fan of the process. The research, the constant tracking, and the feeling when you see your assets grow in value are irreplaceable. So, although I would not be as fierce when it comes to making sure I only invest into things that I can profit from, I would definitely still be in the same line of work regardless of an unexpected boost in my net worth.

Is there any other advice for the readers?

I would like to share my two cents that apply to any endeavor in general. If you are passionate about something, do not let failure prevent you from achieving your goal. Some of the most successful people on this planet were exposed to adversity that goes a lot further than anything that most of us have to deal with. Persistence is the key to success, and I have learned this the hard way during the course of my career.

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