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Robert Goldstein of Birchwood Loans

Robert Goldstein started Birchwood Loans in Tampa, Florida in 2013 after many years of real investment of all kinds throughout Florida. His purpose in setting up Birchwood Loans was to provide a way for people who were having difficulty for securing real estate financing. The difficulty could be due to bad credit, bankruptcy, self employed status. After 2008 it became more difficult for owner occupied loans to be approved.

Birchwood Loans specializes in providing financing for bad credit loans, owner occupied loans and post-bankruptcy loans. From the start of the company, the goal was to provide people with the opportunity to rebuild their credit and their lives. In some cases, Birchwood Loans has made it possible for people to build a real estate portfolio of their own. This is due to Birchwood Loan’s unique and affordable interest rates and costs.

Robert Goldstein was a physician in Tampa, Florida for many years. During that time, his interest in Tampa’s developing real estate market grew. As he built his own real estate portfolio he became aware of the lack of affordable and alternative financing for those people in need for bad credit loans. He uses his experience and skills to provide loans and advice to his clients in Tampa, Florida and around the State of Florida.

How did you become involved in the real estate lending industry?

In the many years that I was an investor in the real estate market, I met people who were struggling to obtain loans from banks and mortgage brokers. The barriers including credit checks, high upfront costs, appraisals costs prevented them from achieving their goals. I wanted to make it possible for these people to get alternative and affordable financing such as hard money loans. I established Birchwood Loans for that purpose.

What are some of the challenges you face in your industry?

The industry is dominated by mortgage brokers and banks. These institutions are not flexible enough to provide affordable financing for bad credit loans, self-employed loans and owner- occupied loans. The greatest challenge we have is making people aware of the financial benefit of not working through a bank or a broker and using the alternative financing that we offer. Each of our clients receives free consultations regarding real estate and financial strategies to improve their situation.

How do you overcome those challenges? 

We work to overcome these challenges using various methods. We advertise as broadly as we can in order to make the public aware of our financial products. We are offering lower interest rates, no credit check loans and competitive mortgage rates. Due to our flexibility our loans are processed much more quickly than a bank or mortgage broker. We can finance our clients within several days.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the idea that I can provide an opportunity for someone who has been struggling to get financing. I have seen throughout the years many of our clients rebuild themselves and their credit scores while working with Birchwood Loans. Tampa has grown tremendously since I moved here in the early 1970’s. It is amazing to see the development that has taken place.

One thing you’d like to achieve that you have not done yet? 

Now that I have seen what Birchwood Loans has accomplished in Tampa, I would like to expand this to help to those in other cities. We are proud to announce that we have established a similar opportunity in Houston, Texas for clients who are in need of a hard money loan. In the future we are also looking to provide hard money loans in other cities including Atlanta.

Do you have any advice for our readers?

The advice for the readers is same for the advice for myself. There is no substitute for consistent work. That is our motto at Birchwood Loans and that is what allows us to provide financial help for the great variety of clients who come through our Tampa office. If you are frustrated by not being able to find a home mortgage, look to the alternatives and you will find a solution. 

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