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Nate Armstrong of Home Invest Discusses Real Estate

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Nate Armstrong, busy at work researching the latest real estate investment opportunities.
Nate Armstrong, busy at work researching the latest real estate investment opportunities.

Nate Armstrong of Home Invest is a real estate investor with a diverse, decade-long portfolio. He started his career in 2008 after exiting the corporate world. Since then, Nate Armstrong has completed over 500 deals and mentored as many as 800 students. Currently, he serves as the chair for investors relations at a large real estate firm in Chicago, HomeInvest.

Although most of his success pertains to the world of business, Nate Armstrong has experience in other industries too. He spent multiple years working in management roles where he handled teams of over a hundred employees. Besides work, he spends most of his free time with his wife of seven years, Jennifer.

How did you get started with your real estate career?

Until 2008, I worked at a large company as the executive for facility operations. That job taught me all that there is to know about teamwork, dedication, and self-efficiency. After a while, however, I wanted to distance myself from corporate America and engage in something I could help build. Since I always liked the idea of investing in properties, I turned to real estate. It was a long transition as my life completely changed and I had to teach myself much of what I know today. Nevertheless, I am proud of this career move as it gave me a lot of fruitful benefits.

Are there certain qualities one must possess in order to be a successful investor?

Absolutely. In fact, I am a firm believer that investors are made, not born. There is nobody who possesses strengths that are beyond another person’s reach. I would even go as far as making a bold statement that anyone with proper training can thrive. When it comes to real estate, however, some qualities that come to mind are a willingness to learn and a lot of patience. After all, many deals that take place are expected to be profitable in the future. That means that there is a waiting period which must take place first. Regardless, achieving success is just a matter of time for those who are persistent.

How do you overcome failure?

I find something else to focus on. Failing is a crucial part of every business. Believe it or not, I would probably not be as successful as I am if I never failed. So, whenever I make a deal that does not close, I immediately start to look for another one. Doing so helps me minimize focus on the loss of revenues and I look for ways to recoup my funds instead. Ultimately, there is always a silver lining. For instance, imagine that I purchased a property that does not sell. Although it will be an unavoidable loss, I will at least retain relationships with those involved in the transaction.

Do you believe education and experience are equally important?

Yes and no. I do not believe that they are equally important. What I do believe, however, is that one cannot go without the other. For instance, education without any real-world experience is just as useless as experience without any credentials. Of course, there are individuals who are exceptions to this rule. Nevertheless, most people tend to have a solid mix of school knowledge and professional experience. Those that do not, I advise to balance things out. Meaning, do not spend too much time learning without performing and do not constantly work without ever learning.

What made you get into coaching others about the real estate market?

There were multiple reasons for it. First, I wanted to do something outside of my regular routine. Although I love real estate, one needs an outlet to relax. For me, coaching others proved to be the perfect platform. I get to use my knowledge and help those who may be going through the same problems. Also, I love coaching because it allows me to socialize with younger generations. Their energy and thirst for success motivate me to do even better and keep working hard.

If you had to describe yourself with one word, what would it be?

Energetic. I can also see myself as steady and versatile. With my passions, however, energetic is probably the best fit.

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