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Meet Peter Jacoves, CEO of Nationwide Debt Reduction Services

Peter Jacoves is the CEO of Nationwide Debt Reduction Services, , a company committed to assisting consumers enduring the effects of credit card debt as well as other forms of unsecured debt. Peter has been instrumental in the in-house development of Nationwide Debt Reduction Services negotiation and creditor management processes, all for the benefit of the growing number of consumers from all over the United States seeking highly effective debt reduction or debt settlement services.


Hi! Please tell us about yourself and Nationwide Debt Reduction Services?

I’m proud to say that I am the CEO of Nationwide Debt Reduction Services, where I’ve been able to play a large role in assisting people from all over this country who are looking to do something about their outstanding debt obligations. Prior to serving Nationwide Debt Reduction Services as CEO, I was involved in quite a few startup enterprises, including Richmond Title, Simply Fondue, and the Fuel Rewards Program. I’ve had a great deal of success throughout my career as a strategic entrepreneur, but my work with Nationwide Debt Reduction Services has been so unbelievably rewarding.


What inspired the creation of such an innovative company?

It’s not exactly a secret that so many people, for such a long time, have been struggling with the obstacles created by significant debt obligations, and the economic downturn and subsequent recovery only exacerbated the extent of the issue. Knowing that the problem had become so widespread in such a short period of time, it became clear to us that there was an opportunity to create a company that could effectively intervene on behalf of consumers in order to help them get back on track, financially speaking.


Why is debt settlement and debt reduction such an important issue?

One of the primary reasons so many in the US continue to struggle with credit card and other unsecured debt is due to the fact that far too many Americans remain entirely unaware of the full range of potential solutions available to them. Our debt settlement and debt reduction services are individualized according to the needs of each individual client, thereby providing the most sensible and cost-effective solution for reducing or eliminating any outstanding debt obligations.


Who should consider the services offered by Nationwide Debt Reduction Services? What does the ideal client look like for your company?

There are literally millions of Americans currently dealing with serious debt issues, which is why our company offers individualized debt settlement and debt reduction plans capable of addressing the specific needs of each client we serve. Our clients are representative of the entire economic spectrum and include people of all ages and from all over the country, so the ideal client for Nationwide Debt Reduction Servicesis simply the client that is ready to get their finances back on track once and for all.


You recently introduced a new college scholarship program (awesome!). Please tell us more about that?

Thanks for offering the program such a kind introduction (we certainly agree that the Nationwide Debt Reduction Services Giving Scholarship Program is rightly described as “awesome!”).

As for the scholarship itself, we felt it would be entirely appropriate to create a program designed to help people avoid accumulating debt in the first place, especially since our company’s services are geared toward assisting consumers who have already accumulated significant debt.

The adverse impact of student debt is far greater than most people realize, and we hope that our new program not only helps in offsetting the costs of attending a college or university, but also raises greater awareness of the long-term economic impact caused by accumulating a substantial amount of student debt.

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