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Mark Dukas

To those looking to gain a foothold in the cryptocurrency markets, Mark Dukas is one of the names which often crops up among both experienced and novice investors alike. The former Johnson Controls sales manager has been working from his Charlotte, North Carolina office for over three years developing his skills in cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. As a leading cryptocurrency expert, the Mark Dukas Charlotte office has become a hub of activity for those looking to expand their knowledge of this area of investments. Dukas himself believes there is much to enjoy and learn in this newly developed area of financial interest. Instead of acting simply as an investment specialist, Mark believes it is important his clients understand every aspect of the cryptocurrency markets to remain as informed as possible at all times.

Mark Dukas has been looking for the best ways of breaking into the financial sector throughout his life and spent much of his academic career furthering his ambitions. Initially, Dukas studied at the University of Massachusetts where he received a degree in Economics. After leaving college, Mark Dukas worked in customer service roles which built his love of interacting with investors, a trend he continues to this day. A Master’s degree from the Keller Graduate School of Management completed the formal education of the Charlotte, North Carolina resident.

How did you get the idea for Bitcoin Smart Money?

I was working as a sales manager in Austin, Texas when the cryptocurrency markets began to come into their own in the early part of this decade. After I did some research into Bitcoin and Blockchain, I decided to start purchasing small amounts of Bitcoin and believed in its long term foundations and the financial success of the idea took over two years to materialize. My friends and family started asking about the cryptocurrency markets, and I began giving them advice which eventually led to the development of my own company, Bitcoin Smart Money.

What do you do to make money?

I have two major lines of income coming from the cryptocurrency markets. The first is my investments which have become a passive income I rarely have to worry about aside from monitoring the development of the markets. Secondly, I provide advice on how to break into the cryptocurrency markets and become an investor in this sector and even have trained a few full-time traders who wanted to follow this career path.

What attracted you to this financial sector?

Initially, I read an article comparing the value of Bitcoin to that of the gold markets and thought I’d do a little more research on the subject. Eventually, I learned as much as I could without jumping in and testing the waters with investment, and once I did, I was hooked. I moved some money form the precious metals markets into cryptocurrency and hadn’t looked back as I believe this is the way the financial markets will operate in the future.

What motivates you?

Motivation is easy when you are working in an industry you believe in and want to help develop in the next few decades. The fact the cryptocurrency markets are often ignored and derided by traditional, old-school investors makes me want to push forward and prove the doubters wrong.

Did it take a long time to turn a profit?

I studied business and economics at college, and I learned all the usual information about business opportunities taking years to become profitable. My investments were made initially in 2014, and I started to see profit around 2016, so I was profitable in just under two years. 2017 as the year cryptocurrency went into the stratosphere and changed my life forever. Profit is all about choosing the right investments and understanding when to take profits and redeploy capital into new opportunities.

What is the secret to your success?

I’m willing to adapt to new markets as they open up and become a major part of the financial sector. I’m not a conservative investor by any means, but I do feel I complete my research in the right ways before deciding if an investment is a good or bad one.

Who is your business inspiration?

Inspiration comes from many different areas including the sports world where the way Magic Johnson has moved from being an athlete to a business leader is amazing to me.

Do you have a favorite book which has inspired you?

Recently, I have been reading “Leading: Learning from Life and My Years at Manchester United” by Sir Alex Ferguson. Although he’s not a business leader per se, I enjoyed this book as it takes the career of the most awarded soccer coach of all time and relates it to business. Handling employees, employers, and everybody he comes into contact with along the way is an impressive feat to have completed.

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